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Pandora Recovery Free Download

Pandora Recovery is software that is used to recover lost data when you lost your data or deleted mistakenly than it will help you to recover it. In many cases, users are not aiming to eliminate the file but accidentally they delete their important file, and in such cases, they can recover their lost data by using this software. This software helps their users to restore their mistakenly deleted data including encrypted and compressed one. It can recover files up to a month after they are deleted.


Pandora Recovery Specifications

This application will not be able to recover a file that has been deleted for long ago because of the file encryption. It is designed for Windows 7, XP and Vista. It is very easy to understand not only for professionals but also for beginners. You did not know that when you delete any data from your personal computer, your data is not completely erased. This tool can recover any file either the system is NTFS or FAT32. This application can detect your file such as media and documents that have been deleted and do its best to recover it. It checks your directory structure and the files and folders. It can scan your hard drive. The user can set the purpose to save the recovered files once the scanning is complete. It is the very lightweight tool. This software is user-friendly and has advanced options with the advanced features. Pandora Recovery software has the ability to pick up all those files whose MFT record has been damaged.  Their users are able to recover files more than five years after re-formatting a hard drive. When hard drive crashes than don’t be sad, here is the magical software through which you can recover your data or files. Simply download Pandora recovery application now and recover your all files.


  • Browse, search, preview and recover deleted files.
  • Ability to recover alternate data streams.
  • Ability to recover success estimate.
  • Ability to recover image, data, movies and other files.
  • Ability to recover file properties and drive properties.
  • Ability to recover achieved and encrypted files.
  • Wizards, hints and context-sensitive help.

Pandora recovery is used to recover lost data including media, documents etc. It is very easy to use with excellent features. Just download this application and recover all important data with just one click.

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