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In timextv.com, We don’t store any copyright protected content as pictures, applications, cracks, nulled applications, android applications on our websites/servers. All of the articles, pictures, software, software, cracks are supplied just for instruction purposes and some connected content is stored only on 3rd party websites. We don’t have any control on other 3rd party sites and servers. Since freedom of speech is permitted in this fashion, we don’t attend in any sort of copyright infringe. Http://timextv.com don’t upload or host any video, article, or applications. We just find videos, articles and applications on famous video portals such as Dailymotion and youtube, and famous applications sites like Softonic, download.com and filehipo and embed/link for our visitors for info purposes only.

If any video, articles, and software is against DMCA, please report to the host the video, articles, and applications. We don’t have control on 3rd party servers. You might just contact us to remove articles and applications, embed or link. We firmly honor and obey DMCA law.